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Blue Stater Kit
Blue Stater Kit

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Product Code: B-KIT


Menthol high
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Overall Use

The blu Premium starter kit is the perfect choice for the casual smoker up to the pack-a-day smoker. blu electronic cigarettes duplicate the true size and feel of traditional cigarettes for a wonderfully rich user experience.

Pack Logo
Adds both style and substance to your blu experience. Upon opening the pack, the blu logo springs to life and lights up to let you know the pack has a sufficient charge. Once closed the logo stops activating after 30 seconds.

Battery Management

The blu Premium pack has been upgraded to provide better battery management for your pack and your cigarette batteries. This management system not only charges the batteries quicker, but it helps to extend their life and their performance.

No Screw Charging
This new feature eliminates the need to screw the spare battery into the pack to charge. Thanks to the enhanced battery management system, if it's in the pack, it's charging. That means no more guesswork. No screw charging ensures the batteries are always properly charged for optimum performance.

Social Feature

Hygiene & Durability

blu Premium packs are highly durable. The inside is resistant to breakdown and chemical leakage, and the interiors are made of a hygienic material called Santoprene. A thermoplastic elastomer with the same flexibility, strength and hygienic properties of natural rubber compounds, Santoprene means a longer pack life and cleaner blu accessories for your mouth and hands.

Premium Pack Dimensions

Worried that our electronic cigarette packs need to be bulky to accommodate all of these features?

Worry not. blu premium packs are basically the same size as a traditional pack of cigarettes!

  • Height: 3.71”
  • Width: 2.24”
  • Depth: .95”
Premium Starter Kit Dimensions

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